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Between Love And Lust

How well do we know Aphrodite? She, who was prophesied to become the ultimate Goddess of Love. Save for her love affairs, very little, I'd say. As a matter of fact, it's rather scrouded in mystery how she came to Olympos and how she felt about those men who kept on moving in and out of her life. I've given this story a try, including a more reasonable view of her 'birth'. So welcome and follow the tale of Aphrodite, a goddess who became recruited to the magnificent Olympos and there became torn between the fierce love of Ares the war god and the ingenious and gentle Hephaestos.

A word of warning to sensitive souls – this story will feature a lot of sex. It IS about Aphrodite after all...…

Other stories based upon the Greek Myths

* A first time for Everything…
I realized recently that this story has never really been told. The one about Zeus' very first love experience. The event to start all other events for the probably biggest womanizer in the myths. So I wrote it myself! 

* Daughter of War…
Achilles killed the Amazon Penthesileia on the battlefield outside Troy. Or did he? This is the story of two heroes of Homer's Illiad, taking them on a bit of a different yourney than the one Homer told. It also ties together with my one-shot Achilles' choise - see below for that one! 

* Love has its harsh ways…
This is the story about Hebe and Herakles. We all know Herakles' labours and how he ascended to Olympos after his heroic life on Earth. There he met and fell in love with Hebe - his old arch enemy Hera's daughter. But how did that happen and what reactions did it trigger among the gods?

* Achilles' Choise…
Achilles lies dying on the plains outside the seiged Troy with a poisonous arrow in his heel. This is when he has to make the hardest choise in his life.

* Army Postal Service -…
When the Greek Army swept like wild fire trough the city all she could do was run. Run with her son in her arms, trying to save them from the Greeks and most of all from the terrible Ares himself...

* What Friends Are For…
When Io betrays her best friend Hera with Hera's husband Zeus an iron rod is poled into the heart of their friendship. Can Hera ever forgive Io and will Io ever feel comfortable around Hera again. Can true friendship win over a dire mistake?

* Olympos for Beginners…
This is the story about Ariadne, who leaves her home island Crete to follow her beloved Theseus to Athens, after helping him defeat the dreaded Minotaur - but nothing turns out the way she expected.

* Summer Loving…
Leda, queen of Sparta goes down to the lake and watches the swans swim and do other things. And then suddenly a very special "swan" appears.

* The golden stranger…
About Zeus and Danae - the parents of the hero Perseus

* Twin mother - the story of Leto…
She was the goddess who had a short relation with Zeus and became the mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis. Told with her own words about her love for Zeus, her insecurity and her fear of Hera, the goddess who became Zeus' next beloved 

* Hide and Seek…
Poseidon, the mighty god of the sea, wants Amphitrite, the beautiful and agile Neried. She declares "not interested" and runs into hiding. But Poseidon is not the kind of god who takes "no" for an answer. He's going to get Amphitrite one way or another. So it's hide and seek time, let the game begin! 

* Guardian of the chosen one - Amalthea's tale…
This is a story for all lovers of greek mythology - the story of how it all started. Once, way back when the world was ruled by cruel Titans. It is the story of Amalthea, a goat heardess who got the most important mission in the world - to guard the chose one, the new king of the gods to be

* Riding the Bull - About Zeus and Europa…

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